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Pictures of Poverty

PicturesofPoverty.com offers striking, compelling and vivid poverty images for you to license for non-commercial purposes.

You will not find free images like these anywhere else.

The poverty pictures throughout this site strive to show need with dignity and respect. The photographers understand that pictures of poor people are fundamentally about people rather than poverty. The brilliant photographs strive to honestly communicate the challenges faced by the poor while portraying the poor in ways that communicate hope, esteem and the opportunity for a positive future.

Typical poverty pictures document the issue of poverty by focusing on malnutrition, emaciated bodies, distended bellies, devastation, sorrow and suffering. This type of poverty imagery can stop a person in his or her tracks, but that stopping power often comes from shock or sadness rather than through a connection with the subject.

The life the poor experience creates powerful images, but the power shouldn't be exploitive and shouldn't come from the pain the poor endure. It should come from the dignity each person inherently has.

The "face of poverty" seen on this site showcases the dignity of the poor. 

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