Poverty Around the World

Poverty around the world is multi-dimensional. It extends beyond what an economic definition addresses. Poverty touches, infects and kills opportunity. It poisons health, denies education, increases vulnerability and prevents the poor from accessing help and social services. Poverty assaults every aspect of a person, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Worldwide poverty looks like hunger, illiteracy and lack of shelter. It's addiction, abuse and child labor. It's not having access to healthcare and school, not having a job and fearing for the future. Poverty is social instability, lack of representation and freedom, and suffering relationships.

The photos below show the different places and structures where poverty lives in the developing world. All of the pictures are available to license.

An example of what poverty around the world looks like. A city of makeshift houses in the Philippines stands over a body of water. The homes are multicolored and made from different materials.

City on the Water — Philippines

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A city of multicolored stilt houses made of corrugated metal, wood, tarps, thatch and bamboo stands over a body of water.

An example of what poverty around the world looks like. Iztapalapa, a borough of Mexico City with 1.8 million residents, seen from a hill littered with rubble and garbage.

Iztapalapa Cityscape — Mexico

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Iztapalapa is Mexico City's most populous borough. Homelessness, crime and lack of infrastructure are notable problems. Many residents lack access to clean water.

An example of what poverty around the world looks like. Slum housing over a river near Recife, Brazil.

Slum Housing — Brazil

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Recife is a resort town and tourist destination known for sandy beaches and turquoise water. But slums like this one on God's Island are flaws in its beauty.

An example of what poverty around the world looks like. The Mathare Valley slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mathare Valley — Kenya

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Mathare Valley is the oldest section of the Mathare collection of slums in Nairobi. Prostitutes, orphans and violence call Mathare Valley home.  Several hundred thousand people live in the three square-mile slum. Drug addiction and alcoholism are common.

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