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Each poverty photo on this page links to a page dedicated to the topic of the photo. Each specific photo topic page gives you details about the image, provides a link to request a license to use the photo and introduces the work of Compassion International in a topical manner.

Millions of children living in poverty live blighted lives — deprived of nutrition, water, medicine, education, shelter, protection, affection and opportunity. They are victims trapped in an cycle of oppression and disadvantage.

Safe drinking water is necessary for healthy human development and well-being. And access to clean water is so vitally important that the United Nations General Assembly recognizes it as a fundamental human right.

Helping the poor means identifying and implementing ways to help the poor experience economic growth, reduce their dependence on others, gain equal access to education and health services and provide them the opportunity to succeed physically, socially, economically and spiritually.

More than a billion people live in poverty around the world. Their environment attacks them. They suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many die. And many more live to pass the infection to the next generation — allowing worldwide poverty to continue its devastation.

Poverty is a deeply interconnected and complex global problem with multiple issues and dimensions. There is no single cause of poverty. Effective methods for helping the poor address poverty issues from a holistic perspective. is presented by Compassion International